caulifl0wer: kimberley

I had a friend named Kimberly in high school, but we grew apart after she got a bf and got pregnant :/

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drvgies: Cianna

I’ve never known a Cianna!

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constellants: Zoe :)

I have niece named Zoe :)

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flaweingly: Chloe or Kai? :)

Every Chloe I’ve ever known has been amazing! And Kai is one of my favorite names! :D

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tendertruths: Bryan

I have a friend named Brian, he’s really odd, but so damn funny :)

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Anonymous: Hahaha last time i did this name thing i lost 3 followers so i stopped doing it lol

That’s cool… but I enjoy interacting with my followers, so I don’t mind losing a few followers for the sake of making friends :)

lithelie: Anna?

I’ve known several Anna’s. One of my best friends in middle school was named Anna. She was always really down on herself because of her weight…I remember I stayed the night with her and we watched High School Musical together. And one of my roommates in college was named Anna.

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